Whole30 – Day 7


Well, my last day of the first week so proud that I have made it this far, but i will say the temptations are everywhere! Today I has my nieces birthday in the city at the American Girl store and there were pretzels and cakes and ice cream and burgers and cheese and pastries and tons of other things I couldn’t have and it was really tough saying now. I was able to get a workout in, and stayed 100% on track, even though it was HARD, but I’m so proud! As always, my workout and meals are below.

Workout Day 7:
Incline chest press

Dumbell chest flye

Cable crossover

Cable flye

20 minute walk at 3.5mph

Meals day 7:
– two egg whites
– one egg
– zucchini
– coconut oil
– pineapple


I did what I could today for lunch. I ordered the vegetable sandwich, minus the bread, minus the chese… and it was seriously delicious.


I was able to avoid the cake and ice cream, and had one of these instead!


I had some grilled chicken and London broil at my sister in laws. Then I made this delicious “chili”
– ground turkey
– bell pepper
– onion
– garlic powder
– chili powder
– red pepper flakes
– sazon
– stewed tomatoes
– avocado


Almost through the weekend! Wish me luck and strength to keep going! !

Til next time, keep calm and whole30 on.
– fitfatfabulous


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