Whole30 – Day 5


5 days in and I’m already starting to feel the benefits of this Whole30. You know, I was reflecting on this experience yesterday, and I ALWAYS feel so good when I commit to a plan and eat nutritious whole foods. I’m not really sure why I ever divert from that. I mean I’ll be honest, I love crappy food, it tastes good to me and I often crave it.

Many of you may not know, but i was obese most of my life. I weighed 250 lbs at 22 years old, granted I’m decently tall, but 250 is still not healthy. I lost 100 lbs by 2012, but have gained back 30 of those. That’s where this Whole30 comes into play. Not only do I want to get these 30 lbs back off, I really want to change my lifestyle and the way I eat. I can only benefit from it, and I need to remind myself of that when I want to crawl under a rock and give up.

I was supposed to lift today, but since I accidentally deleted the weather app on my phone, I walked on the treadmill and rode the bike for 45 minutes as I tried to figure it out (first world problems, I know.)

My workout routine and meal plan for today are below.

Workout Day 5:
– 35 minute walk at 3.5 mph
– 10 minute bike ride at level 4

Day 5 meals:
– one egg
– one egg white
– avocado
– sweet potato
– left over peppers/onions from pepper steak
– 3 small strawberries


I told you yesterday I had a lunch meeting. We’ll there was not much to choose from. I had a little turkey (that I took off a sandwich), avocado, grapes and romaine. It’s safe to assume I was starving after that so I ran to whole foods and got this:
– shredded chicken
– Cajun sweet potato
– carrots
– peppers
– cucumbers
– hard boiled egg
(I didn’t have the peppers or cucumber. I was far too full.)


Naturally I was going to be late at the office. So my amazing husband picked me up dinner from Juice For Life. Everything they have there is organic,  grass-fed and amazing. I had the Beto Turkey Omelette
– egg whites
– turkey
– tomato
– onions
– avocado

There are sweet potatoes on the side, I had a little bit, but again was so full!  And besides, I had a lot of sweet potato today!


Today’s snacks were…
– apple pie larabar
– natural, unsalted cashews



Week one is almost complete! I can’t wait to take progress pictures to see if I have made any improvements. I’m in this to create change!

Til next time, keep calm and whole30 on!
– fitfatfabulous


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