Whole30 – Day 4


Well, here we are on Day 4. I totally skipped my workout today, I just needed a few extra winks of sleep. Not sure if that worked to my benefit or not, but what’s done is done haha.

I need to take myself to the supermarket. Some of the foods that I rely on to get me through the day are running low and I need to re-up. This post is going to be quick since I’m exhausted from work, but i want to share my meals for the day.

Day 4 meals:

– one egg
– one egg white
– zucchini
– sweet potato
– 2 medium strawberries


– leftover pepper steak
– hard boiled egg


So I was super late at work, and I knew my husband would want something quick or something I couldn’t eat so I grabbed a salad on my way home
– local mesculen
– local arugula
– shredded beets
– grapes
– red onion
– grilled chicken
– mushroom
– red wine vinegar
– olive oil
– fresh squeezed lime juice


Not pictured:
– banana
– almonds
– salad with romaine,  peppers, avocado and shredded carrots
– pineapple

I will say I had a sweet tooth something fierce and ate and extra vitamin lmao. Oh the struggle.

Anyways, so far so good. I’ve made it this far, I can do it!

I have a lunch meeting tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how I make it through. Work has been crazy the past few days but excuses have gotten me to the point I’m at now, can’t let that happen any more.

Til next time, keep calm and whole30 on!
– fitfatfabulous


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