Whole30 – Day 3


Well, just like that, 3 full days completed! I’m not sure why, but this time, so far, it seems a little easier than the last time. Maybe it’s because I know what to expect? Who knows, but I feel motivated and empowered to rock this!

I will say, meal prep and planning is key. There are a lot of foods that you can’t have, but if you plan and create recipes around the ones you can, it makes it that much easier.

Today was my rest day from the gym, but as I told you guys, my calf is really tight and it’s been hard to walk so I figured I would get to the gym and try and stretch it out. Today’s workout was light, but logged below none the less.

Day 3: light cardio

lots of leg stretches
– foam roll

– 35 min slow walk on a level surface at 3.0mph
– 10 min light bike ride on level 2

The challenge I’m having is that with walki NH and stretching, the calf muscle loosens, but when I sit for periods of time, it tightens right back up. I think a massage is in order to get this tension out! I’m glad I went to the gym though, it felt good to choose exercise as an option to feel better. My, how my life has changed in the last few years!

My meals were on point today also. I find it easier to cook a different recipe for dinner every night and then bring the leftovers to work the following day for lunch. It allows me to switch it up, and makes me have the “no excuses” mentality to skip making dinner. Win – win.

Day 3: meals
– one egg
– one egg white
– sweet potato
– zucchini
– 2 strawberries
– coconut oil


– leftover buffalo ranch chicken meatballs
– zucchini ‘zoodles’


– romaine
– red bell pepper
– shredded carrots
– avocado
– lime juice
– vinegar


– paleo pepper steak with an Asian twist (recipe below)
– one whole hard boiled egg
– fresh pineapple


Not pictured
– tuna made with Mrs. Dash onion & herb blend and lime juice
– raw almonds
– banana

I am enjoying not weighing the ounces of the food I eat, counting calories and other macros… it’s freeing. I lost the majority of my weight counting calories and points, and eating approved foods only makes it different and easy to manage. I hope I feel this accomplished come day 23+.

I’m already trying to think of what I’ll make for dinner tomorrow, food is always on my mind 🙂

Oh, that recipe… here you go!

‘Til next time fit fam. Keep calm and whole30 on!


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