I’m back!


Well, I didn’t think that I was going to take over a 100 day break from my new blog, but I guess that’s what happens when you are planning a wedding and the craziness all comes to a head.

Anyways, I am back, married, recharged and ready to get this thing up and off the ground again!

My grandfather and I

My grandfather and I before I married the love of my life!

A lot has gone on in the past 100+ days, but instead of mentioning all of that, let’s focus on what I am doing now! As I just mentioned, I am married! I am the new Mrs. Sanderson, and married life is nothing but fantastic! With the wedding, and all that stress, came some added weight, but luckily, I have been in control with, but am ready to shed.

Leading up to the wedding I started a Whole30, about 45 days out from my wedding day. Days 1 – 18 were great, but then stress at work turned by Whole30 into a Whole18, when I caved in to stress at work, had 1 cookie, and the rest is history… I went on a 3 month bender, eating processed food, sugar, crap… you name it, I ate it! It has definitely impacted the way I feel, and the way I look, and I am SO READY to get things back on track.

Yesterday, yes – Mother’s day, I decided to start another Whole30. Not just for the quick weight loss, but also for the discipline and structure that I have not had in the past few months. I have lost a considerable amount of weight before, and know that I can get right back into the grove of things. Summer is around the corner, and I want to be the best me that I can be.

So over the next 30 days, my blog posts will be centered around my Whole30, what I have been eating, what I have enjoyed, my workouts, my progress, how I feel… everything!

I hope if you are reading alone I encourage you to start your own Whole30. As it may not be easy, it will certainly be worth it!

Until later, keep calm and whole30 on!


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