100 days


Man – talk about slacking! Its been a crazy week with work and the holidays approaching! Sticking to an eating plan has been almost nonexistent this week as well, but I’m very confident in my ability to do great things.

I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at my office in Virginia which resulted in many unplanned meals, but I think all in all I made decent choices. Whenever my routine or plan changes though, its always difficult to stay on track. Does that only happen to me?

I will say though, while I was there I went to the gym and also focused on that yesterday when I got back to NY. You know, the good thing about this journey is that with ever meal in everyday you are able too take a step back and “start over”.

Weigh ins from week one of my competition start tomorrow and end Sunday. Look for a post by Sunday of where my stats end up. I started the week at 171.4 and this morning was 172.2, a slight gain so far, but nothing that cant be lost in a few days.

I try not to weigh myself everyday but every few helps me stay in check and on track for what I want to achieve. OH, and its officially 100 days until my wedding! My fiance and I were able to secure our rehearsal dinner location AND ordered invitations today. Its REALLY real 🙂



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