Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life



Today is the day! As I’ve told you, I have 16 weeks left until my wedding. In preparation to lose some weight before then, I put together a weight loss competition for encouragement. This competition starts today and I’m excited! I opened it up women only (sorry guys) that I know, and their friends. I figured I could use the help and motivation over the next few weeks.

Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle truly are a passion of mine. I don’t always put all I know into practice, but I try my best to stay focused. Any advice I can share or tricks I have learned I’m happy to do so. After all, I didn’t make up this stuff up, I learned it from a variety of resources, so how could I not share this knowledge to help others?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am going to be following Dolvett Quince’s ‘3-1-2-1 Diet’ over the course of the competition. If you haven’t read his book I HIGHLY recommend it. I’m a huge fan of his and The Biggest Loser and the book not only motivated me, but was something I could relate to and connect with. That’s so important. I need to see and hear REAL LIFE stories, that’s what motivates me! Anyone can follow a crash diet, it takes real determination to change your lifestyle!

I tell myself often that I am deserving of the goals I want to achieve. I am in control – not food, not obesity, not genetics, ME. How powerful is that? Just like learning anything new, a new language, a new sport, a new job… a new way of life is yours to learn, practice, and achieve!

One of my favorite quotes from Dolvett’s book is, “You are a fighter. Fighters don’t quit. Fighters don’t whine or complain. They do work… So do the work. Don’t fall in love with the end goal. Fall in love with the journey and make it your life.” Talk about REAL! Think about it, you have two choices really. Complain, whine, be defeated… OR… Dare I say FIGHT? Be strong, fight for what you want and who you want to be. All the resource in the world are available, use them, learn them, and practice them. Take a step to a better life.

Why not start today? I have! Join me!

Today’s Stats:

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 171.4 lbs (Competition Starting Weight)

Pants: Size 31 – idk what that means in US sizes, but probably still a 10.



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