Excuses, Excuses


Being woken up by my fiancé at 4:54 this morning felt like complete torture. He’s so good though. He heard Chance, our 9 month old puppy, rustling in his crate and he went to get him so he could come snuggle with Mommy and Daddy. When Jamaal came back to bed he asked “You waking up at 5 Mama?” As my eyes opened and I saw 4:54am I wanted to kill him, however, I had no intention of getting up and heading to the gym today, until he asked what my plan was.

If you know what 4:54am looks like, and I’m sure many people don’t (and yes, its a different 4:54am then the one where you haven’t been home yet from a night out) is dark, cold, and pretty much sucks to be honest. Was I going to let my warm bed, puppy, and fiancé keep me home? Not today!

I got up, got my stuff together for the gym, and headed on out. 5:27am I got in the car, it was dark as hell, snow on the ground and 27 degrees, but I had work to do.


All smiles before my workout!

I got to the gym, focused on banging out 45 minutes of cardio and that’s exactly what I did. I set the elliptical for 45 minutes at a crossramp of 15 (a girls trying to work on her booty) and a resistance of 7 and pushed along. Before I knew it I was 38 minutes in, in 2 more minutes I could begin my cool down. I made it!!

Now you know, those machines calorie counters are never right, but I still look at them anyways. After today’s cardio session, the elliptical read 499.3 calories! WHASSUP! WAY TO START MY DAY! Who knows what I REALLY burned, but hey, seeing 499.3, accurate or not is still pretty sweet.

photo 2

I wanted to sweat a little more this morning as if 45 minutes of cardio wasn’t enough so I finished up with 10 minutes I’m the sauna. BEST. FEELING. EVER. It helps you stay loose, sweat a little more and stretching in there is awesome!

photo 3

After… in the Sauna… SWEATING.

Today I would like to give a huge shout out to Nike. Thank you for helping me look stylish in my compression capris and dry fit T-shirt. Also, thank you for making such a thing as dry fit. I love how when I wear it I am basically wearing a built in towel. Its like magic!! You see the sweat rolling off your body, but where does it go?? To dry fit suction land! I mean my face is still beat red and salty (yes kinda gross) but the dry fit saves me from horrible pit stains. For that, I am thankful!

In writing this as I sit on the F train heading into work. Its 8:22am and I’ve done my workout for the day, am on my way to work and have burned more calories than some people will all day. I have a lot to do today, working through a cold and to be honest was tired, but no matter what your day looks like, cut the excuses and find time for YOU. After all, if your not going to put yourself and your health first, who will??? Think on that…

Oatmeal, I’ll see you soon 😉

Til next time,


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